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  • bulk earthworks

  • road/footpath building

  • final trim

  • footings

  • pile exposure and cropping

  • swale building

  • drainage

  • augering

  • storm damage repairs

  • basin building

  • contamination removal

  • fencing.

  • pit installation

  • cable pulling

  • trenching, backfilling, compacting

  • liner and cage installation

  • carparks

  • pipes, pits, poles.

  • ​bollard supply and install

  • ​kerbing

  • ​footpaths

  • ​reticulation

  • ​levelling, shaping

  • soil blending, etc.

  • swale building

  • ​ground preparation.

Quality Control

Citywide Civil Contractors believe that quality control is essential  to building a successful business that delivers services that meet and/or exceeds customers' expectations. It also forms the basis of an efficient business that minimises waste and operates at high levels of productivity. The management team at Citywide Civil Contractors ensures that all machines, owned or hired, meet the highest standard available to ensure ongoing productivity. All Citywide Civil Contractors employees hold the necessary tickets and licenses to meet the client's requirements. Citywide Civil Contractors do a mandatory daily prestart machine check and BAC tests which are recorded and available and hold toolbox meetings weekly, at a minimum, to ensure all employees are aware of the client's expectations and safety requirements. All machinery is maintained and serviced by a local company specilising in this type of equipment to ensure minimal downtime.

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At Citywide Civil Contractors we have a modern, well maintained and low-hour fleet of machines, including but not limited to:

  • excavators 1.8 t – 30 t

  • skid steer loaders –  tracked, wheeled, multi-purpose

  • flatbed trucks

  • tippers with trailers

  • water trucks

  • compactors, quickcuts

  • augers (100 mm–1200 mm)

  • rock breakers

  • rake buckets

  • graders

  • sweepers

  • forks

  • grabs

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