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About us 

Citywide Civil Contractors (CCC) specialises in all aspects of earthworks, plant hire and contracting. We have been part of the civil construction industry in Western Australia since 2003 and have been involved in major construction and infrastructure projects throughout the State.


With the experience gained over the years, both management and key personnel at Citywide Civil Contractors have worked on a wide range of projects from small end-user jobs to large multi-million dollar projects.


In working with Australia’s leading builders, corporations and contractors, the team at Citywide Civil Contractors are able to provide operators who are highly-skilled in all machine operations across a vast range of equipment. We understand the importance of completing the job safely, on-time and on-budget and take pride in undertaking all work with the highest safety standards foremost in mind, knowing our high operating standards are not only crucial to our business but also to our clients and their personnel.


In order to meet our clients’ varying needs, we are flexible and can provide the machinery required with operators who are experienced and fully conversant in all aspects of civil construction and the mining industries. Citywide Civil Contractors operators and subcontractors hold all the necessary tickets, certificates and licences required from senior first aid to mobile plant and HR licences and meet all HSE and D&A testing requirements.


We are proud that, over the years, we have become known in the industry for our reliability, professionalism and problem-solving abilities. As such, we have gained a group of major clients that we service from the Perth metro area to the North West.


Safety Statement

Safety is one of Citywide Civil Contractors' core values and as such we are dedicated to eliminating any risk to personnel, property and the environment.


A safe working environment for both our team and clients is paramount and we will always put safety first. Our team is required to  understand safety induction processes and
chain of responsibility protocols. As such, the team at
Citywide Civil Contractors meet all HSE and D&A testing requirements as we believe that everyone has the right to work in an environment which is as safe as possible.


At Citywide Civil Contractors,
we have a no tolerance attitude

in this regard. 

The safety of everyone on site is our highest priority and is the obligation and responsibility of all levels
of management.

We do not expect, nor require,
our team or subcontractors to be involved in any activity that is unsafe or unlawful. Occupational Safety and Health is of the utmost importance in every operation
carried out.


Irrespective of the urgency of the situation, there is and will be no compromise in relation to safety. All our team follow our safety slogan -

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